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June 9, 2012

Deluxe Easel Option

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Many customers ask me how to display their Custom Show Board at a car show.  I have field tested many so-called easels, sign stands, instrument stands, you name it!  The most common failure in the show field is that the wind knocks a certain sign over, which is NOT GOOD.  Common sense should prevail most of the time – if it’s super windy, please put your sign away to minimize the risk damaging it and the automobiles around you.  A Custom Show Board is heavier than the competition, so it should naturally be less prone to problems in the wind.  Still, you need to properly display it in an easel, and I have a terrific solution.  My easel is fully portable, and very strong and durable.  It is black and is sized appropriately for your Custom Show Board.  Unlike most, this easel has a clamp that secures the top of the sign to the base.  If a sign falls, it is usually from the wind catching it on the back – keeping your sign properly facing INTO the wind and clamped down securely to the easel will avoid this problem and will keep your Custom Show Board investment looking new.  I proudly offer this easel well below MSRP for only $70 and it’s worth every penny.

Examples shown below feature the Super-Plaq upgrade.

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  1. Nice Job on the Easel, Dad!

    Comment by mollykruger1 — June 13, 2012 @ 7:28 pm

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