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July 23, 2011

Recent Favorites Part 3

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Here are some simply cool cars that I got to work on recently that I really enjoyed knocking out for their satisfied owners!

Recent Favorites Part 2

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Some of my customers need a sign ready before the car is complete to meet a show deadline.  If you are a resotrer or enthusiast you can appreciate stories of late night wrenching just before a show on a freshly built ride.  For these guys, we can do a text based sign that doesn’t need photos.  No problem for Custom Show Boards.  These are also a good option for off season (winter) needs when you need a sign for an auction sale or just want to simply let the car do the talking when it comes to presentation and you simply need to display some information.  Here are some recent samples of these design styles.

Recent Favorites Part 1

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Thought I’d post up some more recent favorites I’ve done this summer.  I hope you enjoy them and get inspired to contract me to make your own genuine Custom Show Board.

Bob’s ’69 Camaro – fresh out of the restoration shop.  This “Fully Loaded” sample really turned out cool with the evening lighting.


Beware of the Impostors

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I did a quick internet search this morning to find out several more people trying to get into the show board market. I wish some of them would be a little less obvious when ripping off material right from my site and using similar names. Just be careful that you insist on a genuine Custom Show Board and don’t fall for the fakes and impostors. These guys are charging more money for low quality work presented on much cheaper materials like foam core. I’m just going to leave them alone because I hope people are smart enough to realize that a genuine Custom Show Board by Troy Kruger is the best value and the absolute best quality sign you can get. Thank you for your support!


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