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July 26, 2010

Detailed look at mounting substrate options – Sintra vs DiBond

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It wasn’t without much research and testing that I chose Sintra as my standard sign substrate.  It is an easy to work with thickness, while being strong, attractive, easy to trim, weather resistant and relatively economical.  It will not break, chip or crush like cheaper materials.  My standard Sintra signs are approximately 1/4″‘ thick and can be enhanced for both strength and utility by using a custom frame if you like.  (The frame and easel options were highlighted in an earlier post here)  For those of you selecting the larger signs and who show cars in hot climates, I may also suggest considering another option, which would be to mount your sign on DiBond.  Unlike compressed plastic (Sintra), Dibond uses a super dense rubber core surrounded by super smooth aluminum facing with a nice finished edge.  The final product shows little difference from Sintra, except there is a slight metalic edge on the aluminum sheet edges if you look for them, and it is slightly thinner.  The advantages to DiBond are it’s superior strength (will never warp in the heat like Sintra may) and its texture free mounting surface to get the smoothest possible images for your sign.  The backside of your sign is also very attractive with a glossy black film applied.  The DiBond upgrade adds $25 to any size Custom Show Board and is available by request.

NOTE: If you are considering having me frame your Custom Show Board it is unecessary to upgrade to DiBond as the frame will also protect the larger signs from any possible warping in extreme conditions.  In other words, DiBond is a great upgrade option for FRAMELESS signs.

The first 2 images show the Sintra substrate up close, following by the DiBond examples:

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