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June 22, 2010

Detailed look at Frame and Easel Option

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Over the years, many of my customers have asked how to display their Custom Show Boards at the show and or how to display them at the home or office.  To answer that need I offer both a custom metal frame and a folding easel that will perfectly compliment your Custom Show Board.  I have tried dozens of other variants and have found the absolute best solution your money can buy.  Don’t skimp on your easel as you will regret it.  Most damage to cars and signs occur by the wind blowing the sign off a cheap easel that doesn’t secure your sign properly.  I am proud to offer custom framing for $40 and an easel for $60.  Please take a look at the detailed shots below taken from Gerry’s display (featuring the Fully Loaded sign at 20×30) last week where his beautiful Corvette won Best of Show!  Congratulations Gerry!!!

NOTE:  The easel also works well without a frame for frameless sign displays, but my custom frames (proudly made in the USA) fill the easel gutter support and top clamp perfectly for a complete look. 

June 7, 2010

Wow, 5 years already!?

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It occured to me today as I was at the 27th annual all Ford show in Apple Valley MN that it was the 5th time I worked that show!  My how time flies.  As I look back at my older work, I can’t help but notice how far my products have come since I set up my first little table of samples at a Mustang show in Chicago back in May, 2005.  Some things never change, though.  Take my prices for example.  Although I’ve added many new styles and products over the years I still retain the original prices for my original debut product line which is still popular today.  I wish my insurance companies operated like that!



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