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April 26, 2010

What’s the deal with the Photography service/fees?

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I now offer 2 tiers of photography sessions/fees. The first is at it always has been for my Custom Show Boards customers. If you want a stellar sign, you really should have me photograph the car for you. Whether you need 1 photo for your sign or you need 6, the service is the same. I will fully photograph your vehicle inside and out for a flat $50 rate at my Plymouth parking garage. This takes about an hour and you also get a DVD with ALL the photos I took. You can use the DVD to share photos with friends, email, whatever. I still own the PRINT copyright, so if you want prints or other gifts tell me which of the shots you like, and I’ll enhance them from there to create an awesome printed product! Please, do not remove the small copyright watermark if you are sharing the photos on the internet or email. Don’t worry, I won’t put it in the center of your pictures! You will get a DVD with photos that look like the link below – unedited right out of the camera. After I do my magic for enhanced prints, you can get something like the finished shots below. Awesome photos like these of your vehicle deserve to be done right, so go ahead and splurge on a Canvas Gallery Wrap or other cool product I offer.

The second tier of service is for those who don’t need a Custom Show Board, but simply want awesome portraiture of their ride.  In addition to what you get above, you also get 5 fully enhanced shots (digital proofs) that I hand select from your session consisting of interior, engine, and exterior/detail shots that will blow your mind.  This will help you easily visualize what the final product looks like before you buy.  This takes considerable time on my part, so the price is $150.  The good news is that you get a $50 credit back toward the purchase of print products totalling $200 or more.

Link to out of camera shots sample

Enhanced photo samples:


April 25, 2010

American Graffiti Car

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Here’s another Doodle board design of Milner’s car from the movie. We created this as if John Milner was the owner and wanted one for himself….

April 23, 2010

1970 Mach 1

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I photographed this beautiful fresh restoration done by Dan Mattila in Blaine, MN last week. It is ultra-rare being only 1 of 13 cars built with the 428 CJ and factory A/C. We photographed the car on the roof of a parking garage and I slipped in the rock pile post-production.  Yes, it does take an incredibly long amount of time to properly edit a photo like this to make it look realistic.  I’ve been doing it for years and it still takes me 1-2 hours to do one shot like this to get everything “just right”.  Take those window slats for example….

April 5, 2010

Spotted – GSTA show

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Again, these are all 20×30 signs you see displayed here….

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